What is a Therapeutic and Educational Consultant for Behavioral Health?

In the multitude of outpatient providers, residential treatment centers, therapeutic boarding schools, or wilderness programs a family can get lost in trying to pick the best program and treatment for their loved ones.  From high costs to different treatment modalities, having the right therapeutic and educational consultant by your side is imperative.  360 to 180 also integrates neurofeedback into their practice creating a family systems approach that is unique to their service.  Do you have the right treatment plan and recommendation in place?

Our Case Management Services

  • 2 hour psychosocial to understand family of origin
  • Compose/collect clinical information from client providers 
  • Family advocate 
  • Uncover needs of family systems
  • Consult with providers, as needed 
  • Locate appropriate treatment center or outpatient clinicians 
  • Create plan of action and next steps with provider and family
  • Connect family and client to intake and admission for respective programs and facilities
  • Assist with coordination for admission process from home to treatment center 
  • Evaluate appropriate program for client and family
  • Assist with drafting admission packet and refer client to appropriate providers if additional information or testing is needed
  • Communicate with enrolled program to obtain information on progress of client 
  • Inform parents and providers of any major changes in therapy for client 
  • Create a plan and find a next-step program, as needed
  • Locate providers in home city based on treatment needs of client 
  • Assist with coordination for aftercare plan with enrolled program 
  • Communicate with providers on continuity of care for client 
  • Ensure next-steps are in place for return of client to home 
  • Integration of Neurofeedback system (as needed)

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